Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Debt

Title: The Debt
Directed by: John Madden
Starring: Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain, Ciaran Hinds, Tom Wilkinson
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Suspense
Running Time: 1 hour. 54 minutes
Release Date: August 31st, 2011
MPAA Rating: R

Review: 'The Debt' is a well casted, well acted film, telling an interesting story. It is the English language remake of the Israeli thriller 'Ha-Hov', which centers on three Mossad agents on a mission to identify and apprehend Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor nicknamed the Angel of Death for his experiments on Auschwitz inmates, now suspected of living and practicing medicine in 1966 Berlin. Of course, the mission goes sideways, and 'The Debt' tells of the events that follows that failed mission, which has far-reaching consequences, all the way to current time.

At times, 'The Debt' is a mix of white-knuckle tension, and the slow pace of stale memories, long-kept secrets and regret. The subject is meaningful, at times even gripping, the performances are solid, but somehow 'The Debt' fails to reach its full potential.
Grade: 6.5

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